Rising Immigrants Problem In
The Indian Sub Continent

Story By Anubhav Shastri
Date: 03-August-2018

India is been the core of the subcontinent and the most prosperous country in the subcontinent. India's economic growth has attracted most of the people from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka and Myanmar(Burma). But the problem is India has not invited those immigrant and they have illegally crossed the borders. Then why the Indian Government are not stopping them?

The core of the problem is India was religiously divided into several countries by the British in 1947. Some people decided not to leave their respective countries and stay as a minority in their own countries where they were born. But as the time passed the majority religious community get violent towards the minority communities which forced they to cross the border and enter into the secular state of India. The Tamil people from Srilanka , the Tibetans from China, the Bangladeshi, the Rohingya Muslims from Burma and minority Hindu and Sikh community from Pakistan they all have flew their own countries and entered India through refuge or entering illegally. This illegal immigration increased in the time of India and Pakistan war in 1971. This was the time when East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Intruders from Bangladesh was flooding in the eastern state of India such as Assam , Tripura, West Bengal in huge numbers. But the center Government was not noticing the seriousness of the situation and the immigrants started to dwell permanently in the small towns and cities. There was no record of the illegal immigrants because of the failure of the system. Most of the Immigrants were Muslims which had made a imbalance in the demography of the eastern state.

The Core Problem

The locals are frustrated because their humanitarian help had made them helpless and poor. The Muslims Immigrants who illegally dwelled in the Eastern states were somehow issued voter id and government id which made them the citizens of India. Now the state political parties found a great opportunity to take the advantage of polarizing the Hindu and Muslim community. The immigrants would vote to those party who have issued them the documents. For locals it is a nightmare because the Muslim are considered to be the Minority so they are given the benefits of being minority in India. The local people has to share the resources and Government benefits. In 1985 Assam Accord was signed between the Indian Government and the All Assam Students Union (AASU) to apply NRC and to count the immigrants and deport them back to their respective countries. Then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi didn't fulfilled the promise and created more mess. The immigrants started getting the voting cards and they became a great vote bank for the Congress party and other minority favoring parties.

Supreme Court Intervention

The Constitution says that the citizen of India should be the core beneficiary of polices and benefits of Government. But in this case it was the opposite. Supreme Court directed the Assam Government to implement the NRC in 2015 and every citizen had to submit their document and then their eligibility was considered true.

Total Applicants: 3,29,91,385 (32.9 Million)

Approved Applicants: 2,89,83,677 (28.9 Million)

Suspected Imigrants: 4007708(Appx. 4 Million)

This figures are staggering because the suspected immigrants are more than the population of New Zealand. All the applicants will be allowed for a final appeal and in Dec 2018 the final list will be drafted in the Supreme Court.

The Bigger Question "Will those countries will take the immigrants back?"


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