Modi Ready For 2019 General Election

Story By Rakash Chopra
Date: 08-February-2018

In the history of Independent India Modi would be the first PM who have accused Jawaharlal Nehru of being the first PM of India.

He said and I quoted "If Sardar Patel would have been the first PM of independent India the issue of POK would never been occurred. Most of the problem we are facing are the black shadows of our past."He also said in Rajya Sabha "Gandhi had said that we have gained independence so now there is no need of Congress Party." He further added that Sardar Patel was Ignored by most Congressperson and they are always praising the Gandhi Family. No party in the world has this long dynasty in politics. A party having members more than 7CR has no other leader than Rahul Gandhi. There is a question why all the congress leader are just licking the gandhi family. The answer is corruption the gandhi family is protecting the corrupted leaders of congress. No congress leader would have died poor.ThaT's A Fact.

There was a comic incident in Rajya Sabha as well when Modi said that adhaar was been planned by the Atal Sarkar a member of Congress MP Renuka laughed very loudly and indecently on him and Modi replied that we have not heard this type of laugh since the Ramayan serial. Modi appeals the Congress leaders that they change their behavior. Congress have been spending tax payers money in giving ads of birthday's of Gandhi Parivar.He further accused Congress that after 1980's the party have never needed the donations because the party was getting commission from the Defense deals.

Modi is trying to accused Congress of starting new project and not applying those project and leaving them unfinished giving the nation huge losses. The main questions will be always raise about Gst & Demonetization. Yes Modi have changed the politics around development & that a good thing.

Top 5 Modi Mantra on Agriculture:

1.Farmer can grow Bamboo.

2.Develope farms to produce honey.

3.Grow Red chilies for the production of red chili powder.

4.Install Solar Panels in Fields.

5.Increase the use of drip irrigation for sugarcane farmer.

The fact is Narendra Modi is in the election mode now & has started his campaign for 2019.This is the problem of our political system. One party accused the another and vice versa. Nobody is speaking for the future of India. Modi is the best Prime Minister in the history of Independent India. But Why cant he deliver? This is should be decided by the nation.


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