Biggest Scamster Of India

Story By Rakash Chopra
Date: 18-February-2018

You all must have been heard of the biggest cheater Nirav Modi of India breaking the record of Vijay Malia. He is the inspiration too many thieves and scamster all around the world. We all should learn from him how to do a scam and still get a free and luxurious life. Many you of the readers would know about what scam he has done but those users who are unaware of this scam. Let me tell you this great story of the new Natwarlal of India.

In 2004, Nirav Modi formed a pact with the deputy manager of PNB bank in the Fort branch of Mumbai by bribing him. The Deputy Manager issued a series of LOU which is Letter of Understanding. Now if you take this letter of LOU to any overseas bank they will give you the loan because they have the guarantee of the bank that issued the LOU. Now this Nirav Modi had taken loan of 1.6 Billion from the other overseas branches of Axis Bank, PNB Bank, Canara Bank, Indian Overseas & several other banks. Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi his uncle had managed to escape out of the country through their influence in both the major political parties.

Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi both had the connection with the senior leaders of the Congress & BJP. Our Pradhan Sevak took him to Davos for the International summit of business leader and he was one of the business leaders of Indian committee can you believe this. So there is no security check on whom to take for the international summits. A whistle blower in 2014 wrote to the PMO and the PMO forwarded this complaint to the finance ministry. But nothing happen, in 2017 another complaint was filled against the him by the secretary of mehul choksi and again the PMO was informed but nothing happened.

This scam was conducted by the higher bureaucrats in the finance ministry as well as the management in PNB bank. Can you imagine that a officer who checks your account details while opening your account can issue a loan of 11000 Cr. This is insane.

Now we will give the khulasa that how the goverment let him go from the country. The CBI issued the a look out notice at 31st Jan and the Chotta Modi flew from the country on 1 Jan itself. See the basic thing is 7.7 lakhs CR of NPA that is not to be recovered by any means. 498 companies had declare bankruptcy. The Government has to do something because the it is the tax payers money which are given to the Banks as a recovery of the loan.

Modi Sarkar should do something or else the people of India will fight n the streets.


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