Trump vs World

Story By Raghuvir Prasad
Date: 17-February-2018

Yes we are talking about the President of United States. Trump is probably the most controversial and the most worst president in the histroy.We are talking about the recent comments made by him. He just said and we quote "Africa is a piece of shit hole". You can't tell 2 billion people a shit hole.Mr President this is not a way for the perfect piece of diplomacy. He says America First but in the history of America from its birth America has always been the first. This is the worst four years of America.

In detail America has the worst diplomatic ties in its history. The country that most benefit on it is China & Russia. America has no Ambassador in Suadi and South Korea the places where they are most needed. The places where the ambassadors are placed are also pretty wrong. For example the ambassador of Netherlands says that thepeople of Netherlands are not rusty the burn their car and their politicians. When a reporter asked him about this comment he denied it but he said it publicly and there a recording of it. This is not the diplomacy works Mr Trump.

He believes that he is at the center of the the world and china and russia are advantaging by this. Let's see his Pakistan policy. He had cut all the aids from Pakistan and Pakistan has been asking money from China. It can be a disaster for America as their will be no tactical support in the eastern border of Afghanistan where they are fighting the Taliban.

He main source of President is not the FBI,National Security Council or the Homeland Security but it is the Fox & Friends. The show worst than a rotten banana. If you don't believe me see the tweets from his official twitter account. Whatever is broadcast on the show he tweets on it. That can be a disaster because the news channel can be wrong and they are just hitting the breaking news. The show knows it and they brag about it.

He just went to the G7 Summit and urged to change the fundamental article (Article 5) of the NATO alliance. It says whenever a NATO country is under attack the other country are bind to defend that country. If it is removed then there will be no NATO. He further humiliated the Germans by saying that "German are so bad they are bad the worst". Responding it the German Chancellor said in a public meeting after few days that America has nothing to do with Europe and We the people should not rely on America.

This Presidency can be more worst of America and its diplomacy. Trump can definitely make AMERICA LAST.


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