Real Truth Of Sridevi's

Story By Parveen Walia
Date: 25-February-2018

The news on 25 Feb 2018 shocked us all. The news came from Dubai that stunning and gorgeous actress of Bollywood Sridevi had died due to accidental drowning while she was in the bathroom. This news shocked us all and was very unexpected because of her fitness and healthy lifestyle. This news was given by her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor to the Times of India.

Sridevi was the most hardworking and talented actress of Indian Film Industry. See had worked in over 300 movies. She has a 50 years long carrier and had worked from the age of 5 years. She was a wife of Bonny Kapoor a successful producer of Bollywood. She had two daughter Janvi & Khushi Kapoor. Sridevi married Bonny Kapoor in 1996 where she had to marry him because she had got pregnant with her first child. Bonny Kapoor was married to Arjun Kapoor mother Mona Shourie Kapoor. Sridevi is considered the reason of their separation. .

There are some interesting facts that this cannot be a coincidence that Bonny Kapoor first wife had died at the age of 54 while a month ago Arjun Kapoor movie was releasing named Ishqzade. The same condition is with Sridevi she was also 54 when she died and her daughters movie is releasing next month named Dhadak. This must be some revenge game of the God or may be some conspiracy by her enemy because this will put fingers on her rivals. The test are been performed by the Dubai Police. The post mortem is been over and her blood test is been taken after 2:00 pm her body will be brought to India at 8:00 pm 27 Feb 2018. The ceremony will be performed on 27 Feb 2018.

There are mysterious death before in Bollywood which has been not solved yet. This is another addition in those death mystery. She was in Dubai attending her nephew wedding Mohit Marwa. They were spending some quality time and were above to go on a date with her husband. She went to the bathroom to take shower and a accidentally drowned. She was trying to scream but she couldn't. Her husband doubt that why it is taking so long. Then he broke the door and she was found dead in the bath tub.

Definitely there is nothing we could do but just pray for peace to her soul and mourn for the most successful actress in the history of Indian Cinema.


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