Subramanian Swamy Wants The Finance Ministry

Story By Rakash Chopra
Date: 18-February-2018

Subramaniam Swamy is the most controversial leader of the Indian Politics. He has been firing arrows in all direction on the opposition and within his own party BJP. He is consider to the one who has propaganding the corruption of Congress. He had done his part in the 2014 election but was not promised anything from the party. He wanted the Finance Ministry which had been given to Arun Jaitly.

Subramaniam Swamy has been urging to the Prime Minister that he wants the Finance Ministry. But PM Modi is not accepting his offer because he is very unpredictable and can be a loss to the party. He ia the one leader can backfire anytime and can also accuse his own Prime Minister. Arun Jaitely power in the party is very dominent. He is the oldest leader of BJP right now in the Government.

Swamy is now plotting against Modi indulging Karunaniddhi from the South. He is trying to make an alliance with DMK and Amit Shah the party president wants a strong alliance with AIDMK. The is a prediction that Modi Sarkar will lose the momentum in 2019 like it did in Gujarat elections. Now Swamy is trying to accuse the current Finance Minister for the economic failure the four years. Swamy continues to condemn the policy of Jaitley by personally attacking him on various platform.

Swamy will be a great trath to the Modi Sarkar in 2019. This time he wants a proper promise from the PM. He also may declare that if he is not made the Finance Minister he would left the party. God knows if this happen what accusations he will make then.Lets see what happens in this interesting year before the election.


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