Time Traveler Warns Us About
World War 3

Story By Ashton Jacob
Date: 16-February-2018

Breaking News This Time!!! A Time Traveler named Michael Philip has been appeared from nowhere and says that he had came from the 2075.This had shocked the world and he has also made some amazing and eye opening reveals that can say our existence. We have broke down the story in parts so you can understand it properly.

Part 1 - Proof of Time Travel Michel Philip says that another Time Traveler had arrived in the year 2000. He was caught by the authorities from the Pentagon and he met then President George Bush. He predicted the Civil war in 2008 and to avoid this to happen Bush created the 9/11 attack to unify the nation and drag their attention from the raising unrest. Bush successfully the civil war and started a new war against Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan. The Time traveler returned in Jun 2001.

Part 2- The Third World War There is a rising tension between the democratic and the communist/dictatorship countries of the world. US and North Korea are on the verge of Third World War and these will tear world into two parts .There will be two forces the Democrats and the Communist.

Democrats : United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Germany, France, Israel.

Communist/Dictators: North Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey.

This divide in the world will be devastating way and will led to the world with millions dead. Michel predicted that the war will be ended by dropping a nuclear bomb on North Korea Killing the Supreme leader Kim Jon Un. This war will be devastating for China ending the communist government. This World War will make the whole world into a Democratic Planet. Michel further this war will end in 2022. Donald Trump will win the second term as well and will try to continue for the third term and he will be impeached by the people. Interestingly Oprah Winfrey will run for the presidency but will fail and a guy named Michel Macintosh will be the president from the Republican Party. This is the most interesting story of the decade and lets see how it goes and truly this prediction will be true or false. Let's hope for the best.


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