New Internet Super Stars Of
India 2018

Story By Yug Tripathi
Date: 07-February-2018

India is full of talented singers and entertainers. But only some of them becomes an internet sensation. Their Journey is small but they have fought well and will make a great future in the Entertainment business. These are some of the new mention from 2018 who have potential of having bright future.

Siddharth Slathia He is a new and emerging singer and has a huge potential of being a professional playback singer.He has a voice of playback singer and a very edge of sweetness in his voice.He is currently running his Youtube channel and doing concerts all over India.He was born and brought in Jammu.

Vidya Vox She is one of the top female cover singers of India and she has a great voice.She is not only recreating the bollywood songs but also recreating songs in regional languages as well.Vidya Vox is not only a talented singer but she has the looks of a Rockstar as well.She is from Chennai and Lives in UNITED STATES right now.

Rahul Jain A voice with deep soul and a heart breaking voice best for the bollywood songs.He is one of the underrate singer.He likes to be in shadow and work silently.He is now currently recreating bollywood songs from 90s.His selection of songs is very nice and he has is own touch in every of his covers.He has done a bollywood song for the movie Fever.He has a bright future.He is living in Mumbai right now.

Shirley Setia She is undoubtedly the cutest and the most sweetest voice and she is really famous in young kids.She is basically from Auckland, New Zealand. She has her youtube channel and she is doing great. Probably she would be the nest Shreya Ghosal.

Ashish Chanchalani The most naughtiest character on the internet is him.Ashish started his journey by making videos from his room and soon become famous.He is from Mumbai and has done a small internet series with Balaji.But he has a bright future ahead and we will some see him on the silver screen.

Mann Taneja Mann is from Delhi and is a fantastic singer and composer.His voice has a perfect playback singer feel and ease.He started his journey from Delhi and now he is creating his own compositions which is great.Good luck to him and have a great future ahead.

We will be posting such article encouraging the new talent. Be Safe & Stay tuned To RawSwag.


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