Hollywood Movies This Summer 2018
'Must Watch'

Story By Scarlett Pillia
Date: 05-February-2018

1.Tomb Raider

Main Cast-Alicia Vikandar,Daniel Wu & Dominic West

The recreation of Tomb Raider 1.This movie star Alicia a well known actress and a perfect match to Angelina Jolie who played the first part. The movie is a action/adventure genre.We will see Alicia doing great stunts and action sequences in this movie. Croft will be solving the mystery of her father disappearing and the whole story wraps ups around this plot.

Release date- 15 March 2018

2.Pacific Rim:Uprising

Main Cast-John Boyega,Jing Tian & Scott Eastwood

War is Coming and the people are ready to sacrifice their lifes.The next generation story about the alien attacking us beneath the surface of Earth. The robots are installed and ready to face the aliens.This is an extended version of the first part and this flim is of the Sci-Fi/Action movie genre.Eager to see the Big machines and the big Fight.

Release Date-22nd March 2018


Main Cast-Dwayne Johnson,Jeffery Morgon,Noamie Harris

Wohooo The Rock is back with the Rampage.A forest inspector saving his Gorilla friend George to stop being violent.A genetic mutation occuring to some of the creature and the rock is stopping then to end the world. A wolf,A Crocodile,Helicopters &Many more to come.

Release Date-20 April 2018

4.Avengers:Infinity War

Main Cast-Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Brolin

Story-The Big Battle is here. The Avengers are united and ready to fight the evil. This time the villain is deadly and horrifying. Thor, Iron-Man ,Hulk, Star-Lord &many more in this film. Marvel decided to bring all the super heroes in a single movie. This is of course the sci-fi/action genre movie. This movie would be the biggest gift for all the Marvel Fans.

Release Date-25 April 2018

5.Deadpool 2

Main Cast-Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Bitzz

Story-Have you seen Deadpool, if not you must. The perfect combination of a notorious hero who dont gives a shit to anyone. Deadpool is back with a bang. The first part saved Ryan carrier and this movie will rise him even greater.The meanest Superhero in the town is coming. The trailer is just hilarious.A must watch movie.

Release Date- May 18 2018


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