Bollywood Lacking of Good Stories

Story By Parveen Walia
Date: 19-February-2018

Bollywood is known for its gigantic dance number and storytelling. Today there are over 1000 movies made each year in several languages. But Bollywood is the trend setter in all the regional languages as it is the biggest producer in the Indian Film Industry. Now the Bollywood has taken the wrong path I guess. The scenes shown in Bollywood are not those are considers as semi adult and are copying the Hollywood at several occasions. Now the trend in Bollywood is if you don't have a proper story line then you can get away by showing sexual and intimate scenes as the Vishesh Film does in particular.Bollywood is thriving for good stories but failing to do so. Now there are more challenges than ever. The Bollywood is facing story crisis because all the stories are been taken by the television or the big giants like Netflix and Amazon. Big Stars are falling because of no proper script and screenplay.The best example of a good movie is to something that can be learned by Aamir Khan. He is the one everybody should learn from. He produces and makes those movies which has good story and a perfect screenplay.

Sexuality in Bollywood is increasing and unnecessary. The main reason of doing so is to grab the attention of the youth and couples. But trust me they have more medium to satisfy their need. Now there are more competitor like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They are showing all genre and all sorts of movies and series which can be accessible from anywhere and by anyone. The main reason behind this the writer are not paid well in the Bollywood. The TV Series writer can make up to 2-3 Cr Inr a year and the bollywood writers can difficulty make 50-60 lacs inr a year. So this movie writers are going towards the television.

In an Interview Karan Johar said that he is not making films because he don't have any such stories that he feels to connect with. Even Ekta Kapoor Says that I have more creative writers in TV then in on the big screen.This effects all in 2017 all the big stars failed to give a blockbuster movie. The year of 2017 was a very awful year for Bollywood. The reason is due to exposure of other mediums audience knows now what movie to see and what not to. The youth is now seeing the rating of IMDB to decide whether the movie is good enough to watch or not.

The conclusion is the writers should be encourage more and more creativity is required. The audience is now getting more attentive to the stories rather than big stars in the movie.


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